Infant Formula – Substitution for Human Milk


          The initial formula for infant growth and development has always been a matter of great concern and discussion in and around the scientific community.  We have believed many tings in the past and been wrong and been right.  The efforts behind this formula have been to duplicate the constituents of real human milk as an alternative to infant nutrition without the availability of mother’s milk, or as a supplement to insufficient mother’s milk.


          Thorne research Labs pioneered the formula below as a way to constitute available infant formula that would not be milk (dairy) or soy based, from which so many reactions occur.  The following is a complete and comprehensive formula to support the neonatal and infant stage of development.


          2 heaping tablespoons Medipro Powder Mix (Thorne Research)

          4 tablespoons of Maple Syrup

          2 tablespoons of the oil mix (EFA Oil)

          1 teaspoon of Coral Legend calcium and multimineral