"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. Hippocrates (460-377B.C.)

Text Box: The Value of Quick Checks






If you are working with a doctor at Whole Health Associates and have already begun a nutrition program, quick checks are available to you without an appointment being necessary and at no charge. If you find yourself experiencing any of the discomforts (discharges of any kind and/or fever) sometimes associated with what is called 'the reversal process or retracing, cleansing or a 'cold or flu'" it is advised that you take advantage of this service. Simply call in advance to let your doctor know that you need to stop in for a quick check. You may then come at your convenience. Remember that this is in order to determine if your nutritional/dietary needs have changed and to gain additional support at this special time of need.  Much assistance can be given at this stage in the process and it is recommended that one discover the effectiveness of natural healing for oneself before resorting to less natural methods of relief.

Quick checks are available to help one through the difficult times when many might choose to abandon the way of nature with the attitude that if healing requires work or discomfort then it is simply not worth the effort. That is a choice that each must make. Quick checks are available, however, to encourage consistency and success. At Whole Health Associates we are enthusiastic about making the journey toward true and vital health a victorious one. This is the goal; a newfound trust and real experience of the natural power of the body, to heal itself.  As so well said by Mark Anderson, 'Natural healing is the highest expression of Nature's competence. Quick checks are a means of monitoring one's progress, vitality and needs during the unpredictable hours of transition. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to maximize the effectiveness of your natural health care program by using quick checks as needed. This is done as a joint effort, between client and practitioner, in the name of true and lasting vibrant health. Ultimately, so that Nature might complete the good work begun in you.

An alternative practitioner, on the other hand, will seek to discover the cause of the asthma unique to the individual. Some might be experiencing allergic reactions to certain foods or environmental substances, for others it may be primarily malnutrition of the respiratory system, still others might be working with viral and/or mechanical influences. In each case, efforts toward restoring function to the lung tissues would be tailored to suit the whole person. This distinction between approaches is a cornerstone of alternative health care. The availability and advisability of quick checks with your nutrition consultant is based on a working knowledge of the many variables involved in this process (age, emotional. biochemical and physical stresses.) The late Roger Williams, Ph.D. of the University of Texas, showed that in any group of 15-20 people there can be a range of nutritional requirements from person to person that varies by as much  as 700 percent. There is no uniform prescription as to what any one of us require nutritionally- today or tomorrow. Quick checks allow for a closer monitoring of one's nutritional needs as these vary through the ups and downs of achieving true health.

Characteristic of natural health care and efforts toward disease prevention is the appreciation of the healing process. While there are stages of cleansing and renewal which are common, predictable and consistent with everyone, the unique history, body type, age, chemistry and degree of health we each posses make the healing process acute varied for each person- Other variables such as personal dedication to the process, attitudes, expectations, constructive or debilitating habits, varied stresses and lifestyle factors in general combine in ways unique to each individual. This is why wholistic practitioners believe that it is more important to know what kind of person is ill than what kind of illness a person has and why treatment is always oriented toward the individual and not the illness s/he manifests. This is in contrast to a conventional medical approach where twelve asthma patients will all be given the same recommendations and prescription drugs, in effect treating the condition and not the patients themselves.