Using Nutrition as a form of therapy in healthcare is entirely supportive to the body.  It supports and nurtures normal physiological processes.  In no way should this form of approach be misconstrued as a form of treating diseases or conditions, or as substituting for traditional medical care.  Should symptoms arise which concern you or persist your physician should be consulted. 


            The muscle testing procedure is a means of finding areas of need in the body, where a lack of vigor exists, which can aid in determining what may be malnourished or impoverished.  In no way does this form of testing provide a diagnosis or describe a disease condition.  There are no tests for cancer or AIDS for example.  Conditions cannot be tested using muscle testing. 


            Each person is unique and responses to different foods are varied.  It is advised that careful attention be given to any abnormal sensations that might ensue following the use of special dietary foods, and that one discontinues immediately the use of anything when reactions occur.  There are no chemicals, synthetics, or drugs in any of the Standard Process products, which have both vegetable and animal origins. 


            Nutrition therapy is a gradual process of nurturing the body and while results should be noticed almost immediately, final results require on average one to four months depending on what area is being supported.  Supplements are best taken with food at mealtime, unless otherwise directed, and rarely may bring some nausea or upset, usually gone within a few hours.  Some supplements may vary in color from bottle to bottle due to variation in harvest time. 


            Due to the receding quality of food in these modern days supplementation is one way of increasing the quality of nutrition.  In no way can nutrition cure a disease or illness.  It is strictly being recommended as a means of supplementing the normal diet and promoting nourishment for all body parts and systems.  Our sole purpose in using nutritional supplementation is to support your normal physiological processes. 


            It is a privilege to assist you in learning more about what you can do to promote health and wellbeing in the field of nutrition.