Supporting The Endocrine System

The endocrine system has always been elusive within the scientific community being the system about which the least is known. However, as more is learned, many theorists speculate that the primary cause of premature aging and reduced immune vitality is glandular depression.

In modern times there is widespread use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HR7) attempting to balance the intricate relationships between the glands. Sometimes this is necessary when severe imbalance occurs or when glands have been surgically removed or destroyed by radioactive treatments. These cases aside, the Standard American Diet (SAD) and urban stress has left almost everyone in a state of hormonal exhaustion and glandular depression at subclinical levels.

Nutrition Therapy seeks to enhance the activity of the glandular system The use of properly prepared glandular extracts and concentrates is a powerful way to nourish the gland at cellular levels thus balancing its function, sensitivity and potency. As nutritional understanding increases, concepts of 'nuclear vitamins' (nutrients that feed the nucleus and DNA/RNA activity of the cell, rather than cytoplasmic activity alone) begin to describe how these glandular concentrates can increase vitality.

Because the brain and glands speak to the immune cells through a variety of endorphin and neurotransmitter (hormonal) components it is obvious that hormonal states dramatically effect immune responses. It is known that the glands speak to each other, turn each other on and off, encourage or discourage the other organs, and function much like the precisely timed and finely tuned member of a symphony. The chart on the reverse side is a good depiction of the inter-relationships between the major glands.

The purpose of this paper is simply to reveal the intricacy of the hormonal system and introduce the potential for nutritional strengthening.  This system has been neglected in modern times through the homogenization of our diets, the increased stress of daily lifestyles, reduced soil and food quality, and the decay of the nuclear nurturing family. With optimal nutrition there is the potential to balance glandular function, thereby increasing well-being and the gift of personality/self expression.

A famous nutritionist, Bernard Jensen said it well,

"Any person with impaired wellness at the physical level is, to some decree, impaired mentally and morally. The mind does not work as well.  The strength of will that is so important in living a life of integrity is lowered. In fact l have never failed to notice though l loved all my patients, that the sickest among them were the most mentally ill, morally weak, and emotionally imbalanced "