Tips on Exercise


Five keys for health are:  a natural, unprocessed diet; fresh air; good water; and exercise.  Exercise is crucial for circulation of both blood and lymph.  It strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves oxygenation.  It aids in fat burning.  It increases an overall sense of well-being.  The amount of exercise should match your abilities.  Gradually increasing exercise time is recommended.  Do not wait until you are feeling great to exercise.


Building movement into your day by taking stairs, walking rather than driving when possible, parking at a distance, etc is helpful in our sedentary lives.  Walking, especially outdoors, is a great exercise.  An ideal exercise that can be done in a short time, in home, office, or outdoors without much time is either the ‘rebounder’ or ‘wobble board’.  The following points about rebounding are taken from the book, “Jumping for Health,” by Morton Walker, DPM.  NASA studied this form of exercise and concluded that compared to jogging it is 68% more effective.