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About Us


Natural health Family Center & Applied Chiropractic (We are a lot more than just Chiropractic)

   (925) 943-6219 Pleasant Hill

    We specialize in Applied Kinesiology. I am board certified from ICAK and hold a BCT, board certified teaching credential for Applied kinesiology. At the heart of Applied kinesiology is an application to neurologically and specifically utilize and validate the chiropractic adjustment. We examine and incorporate many parameters from range of motion, blood and saliva functional medicine tests, to chiropractic tests, orthopedic and posture and gait analysis and the muscle facilitation test. We will video tape and camera your posture and look for adaptive changes. We scan and evaluate the feet arches and check the weight bearing ability. We use an ACG or Acoustic Cardio Graph to get an insider look on perhaps the most important muscle the heart.
In short, we mix tradition, proven and tested science with the latest information and treatment to give you the best alternative and holistic health care.

Today, we have created an even higher standard called Professional Applied Kinesiology or PAK.  As a committee member, we have trade marked this term and can enforced and safe guard its mis-representation and use.  We have a large research fund, where we are continually expanding, validating and finding the best methods for practice.

Here is a  slide presentation on Applied Kinesiology I recently gave  (click o picture)


My BiographyImg6.png 


Dr. John Erdmann has over 21 years of formal education with:


      Criminal Justice associate degree.  Diablo Valley College

      Bachelor of Science, Business Marketing.   CSU Sacramento 1993

      Doctorate of Chiropractic.  LCCW 1998

      Certified in Activator Methods 1998

      Certified in BEST 1997

      Certified in Applied Kinesiology.  ICAK 1998

      Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology 2005

      Certified by the Board Of standards ICAK to teach Applied Kinesiology 2006

      Certified in Functional Nutrition Therapy 2000

      Certified in Bio Energy Synchronization Technique 1996

      Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition 2008



He also has

      Acquired a Second Dan (degree) "Black Belt" in Tae Kwon Do, and first Dan in    Judo/ Hapkido.

      Graduated with clinic honors from LCCW.

      Graduated with scholastic honors awarded by the Delta Sigma Chi.

      Successful private health care practice.

      Community involvement with "Path and Ways," and Volunteer work.

      Seminar involvement teaching several adjusting seminars at LCCW.

      Applied Kinesiology Seminar Assistant Teacher.

      Volunteer work at the local H.S.

       Community Health education Talks.

       Who's who in '01 02 03 05' 07' 09', 11' 12' for health professionals.

           Author and Lecturer


 I specialize in Applied Kinesiology giving the best of holistic health care.  AppliedKinesiology


He also has helped with a myriad of problems like:



*  Chronic fatigue            *  Fibro myalgia            *  Weight Loss            *  Back Pain

*  Headaches/ migraines            *  Allergies            *  Depression                 *  Diabetes

*  Immune system disorders            *  Cold/ Flus    *  Memory loss            *  Balance

*  Athletic excellence                   *  Speed and recovery form injuries

*  Knee/ Shoulder/ ankle/ wrist pains                           *  And many more conditions



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