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Img9.pngThe ACG or the Acoustic Cardio Graph is one of the tools I use to evaluate the efficiency of  your heart and cardio vascular system First discovered by Royal Lee in the 1930's the ACG is a great diagnostic tool for evaluating nutritional efficacy and improvement.  Often, Increased function and performanced can be evaluated over the different heart Valves (areas) to determine if antioxidant, vitamin, or herbal support in fact improves cardiovascular function or read-out. This machine is a great tool to have in order to monitor your progression and what's not improving despite the usual abatement of symptoms under our care.



A pplied Kinesiology
A very comprehensive exam including:  Detailed history, Symptom Survey Computerized assessment, Urinalysis (testing with chem strip, Koningsburg (chloride excretion), vitamin c, calcium, and oxidative stress), ACG, Zinc talley, Oral PH, Neurological exam, Posture assessment, muscle evaluation, Meridian evaluation, Feet and extremity examination, Complete nutritional assesment, and standard physical exam. The goal is to treat the person with the symptom and not the symptom.  In so doing, the body will correct itself.  Like filling the car gas tank up, the low gas light goes off.  A good doctor evaluates carefully, corrects the problem, and then re-evaluates to to look for long and permanent correction.  Applied Kinesiology concerns itself with the over 350 muscles of the body that are responsible for movement and posture.  Through watching you walk and observing your posture, I can capture the dozen or more imbalances and have several entry points as a chiropractor, traditional meridian therapy, even emotions and organ chemistry.  We supply the therapy and observe for postural balancing and walking corrections.  The results are often dynamic and fast.


C hiropractic                                           

Gentle spinal and extremity manipulation.  Also: arthro-stim, activator, Low force techniques such as: B.E.S.T, Meridian balancing, Logan and more.  Animal adjusting onsite or special arrangement. Dr. John teaches chiropractic adjusting to other licensed chiropractors and uses "high force" or "low force" depending on what the body is calling for.   Another great reason for detailed examination and applying Applied Kinesiology.  An adjustment is never forced, because correct adjusting is more about understanding and having the precise angle and line-of-drive.  Done in this manner, even "high force" manipulation is gentle and always more effective.Img4.jpg

Coaching from weightloss to sales

Utilizing Neuro Emotional Technique, a quick and masterly successful approach to eliminating barriers to success, I will design a program just for you or a group of people with the same goal.  We will meet one- on- one, with larger groups- workshops and teleconference calls.  I will send you daily inspirational success emails and help create balance in your life.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

This is the latest, "Cutting edge" tool that facilitates a gently whole body detoxification.  The two most highly predominate areas we sweat are the arm pits and feet.  The Ionic Foot bath is a gentle ionic therapy pulling minerals that trap toxins in the body to be released into the foot bath.  You can see for yourself the interesting colors and detox signs left after the foot bath.  For a toxic body 6-8 sessions are recommended.  General support to alleviate the detoxification pathways of the body would be 2-3 within a week, every 3-4 months.

Massage Therapy
Trigger point, sports and full body relaxation massage.  We also offer a special long term massage plan making monthly massages affordable.  As low as $45 for a full hour. Call for our massage staff availability (925) 943-6219

Nutritional and Herbal Therapy
Based on natural medicine principles.  Nutritional therapy is designed to strengthen and heal the body's organ systems in Today's toxic over worked world.  Utilizing Whole food concentrates, Organics, Herbal and Homeopathic medicine. We are certified in clinical nutrition and will customize high quality bio-available nutrition programs not just give poor quality multivitamins that fall into categories.  While we use professional vitamins, minerals and herbs in synthetic and whole food forms from many different companies we strongly suggest only whole food concentrates for any long term support, self diagnosing or general wellness programs (not multiple vitamins). I respect where people are coming from and while I always will give you my full and BEST recommendation, I believe in helping where you may be at.  Because I have a lot of experience with single avenues like only chiropractic or only nutrition having a huge impact on health I will get on board with the care you choose 100%. Click here for: Nutritional focus ONLY Check out my other website focusing on whole food:

Emotional stress

Neuro-emotional technique is a highly specialized quick and effective tool fro help people to take away the negative charge that can persist with trama and any emotion.  In Neuro Emotional Technique or NET for short, we believe that becoming neutral around an event leads to the most productive and empowering position one can be in. I have seen a life time of Emotional distress relieved for some in just a matter of a few visits.  NET is also a great compliment to any ongoing therapy, as the most difficult thing is to find the true triggers to your destructive habits, which a good therapist will pull out of you.

Freedom From Fear and health Seminars


My Name is Dr. John Erdmann and I am presenting a powerful seminar .  I have been in practice for over six years as a natural health care doctor.  Licensed as a chiropractor, I have a Diplomat in Applied Kinesiology, which studies the body’s movement, muscles, biomechanics, energy-meridians, neurological balance, nutrition, herbs and general state of well being of the body.

My passion is education and natural health.  I have attended over 20 seminars last year alone. My mission is to help educate people on natural healing and to create a sense of empowerment and self reliance with their best doctor with-in.  In as much; this seminar will show you how to tune into what the body is communicating.  How to correct and heal yourself.  We will give practical tools for Emotional freedom, Diet, Herbs, Exercise and much more.  We will have plenty of exciting demonstrations and workshops.  We will teach “How to heal holistically.” Action packed and guaranteed to leave you inspired and healthy than before you came.


·         Emotional freedom Technique: heal your own phobias

·         Get worked on with Neuro-Emotional Technique

·         30 day diet challenge and daily coaching

·         Diet planning and goal setting

·         Neuro linguistic exercises for re-thinking

·         Exercises and stretching techniques

·         Nutrition assessment and plan

·         Exciting, fun and action packed!!!


If you would like to have Dr. John Erdmann speak to your group please e-mail your request with your contact information and Dr. John Erdmann will contact you directly.


Please call us at  (925) 943-6219 and ask Ornella for the details. And just for signing up you will get a free CD on “Natural Healing Basics and NET.” This is my gift to you all. Plus my staff will run a free nutritional evaluation on all seminar attendees

In Health,   

   John Erdmann, BS, DC, DIBAK


Zyto Graph BioFeedback body stress testing

ZYTO technology is based on the dynamic nature of the body and its ability to respond to subtle stimuli. We’re particularly interested in the energetic aspects of anatomy. In traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) this energy is referred to as chi.



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