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Community links and Products

This Page is dedicated to Honest and Integrous Complimentary services


I have limited experience and can not vouch for any particular product or service in its entirety, rather believe these people, companies, and products to have integrity. I do not support any one M.L.M. (multi-level-marketing) in its entirety, only individual items that I have personal experience with.  I created this section of my web site to allow for community support, bridging information gaps, and to allow opportunity for honest people to help serve in my community.  Note: that each link will take you away from this web site all together.

Atkins diet

Carbs in food

Mercury and brain neurons



The very popular Whole Food Tasty Green drink



I have only tried the weight loss program and find it to be of high quality and effective.  I do believe that there should be some monitoring of the use after 45 days




Source of organic nutrition:


This section is new, So... if I know you personally, and you have a service that is helping people and in integrity please contact me so I can know about it.

Latest video educational videos

God Bless and Healthy, Happy living

Dr. John




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