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Why the Acoutsic Cardiograph?
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Healing: An Alkiline Process - Article Chart
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Helpful aids and Educational information

                bad habit sugar

                Cancer and Sugar

                Cancer loves sugar

                sweet tooth

                Acid based principles

                Attention Deficit


                Blood Pressure

                Brain Chemistry

                Endocrine Support

                Endocrine picture

                Tips on dieting


                PH effects

                Genetically engineered Food

                Healing Process      


                Baby Formula

                Low Carb EATING    

                Mediterranean Pic

                Migraine Headache


                Nutritional Perles



                Tracking Your PH

                Value of Quick Checks

                Iodine vs salt

                Kinds of BUGS

                THyroid chart

                The Pillars of Health

                Reasons Patients come to our office